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How to Make Good Protein Shakes

How to Make Good Protein Shakes

Protein shakes can be an easy and delicious way to meet your daily protein goals without overeating calories. But they can taste chalky without additional ingredients that thicken and mask their unappetizing bitter taste.

These recipes can use any kind of milk imaginable – be it plant-based (almond or coconut) or dairy. To add an extra nutritive punch, try including avocado or frozen vegetables like spinach and cauliflower rice in your ingredients.


Protein shakes can be an easy and delicious way to increase protein consumption and meet calorie targets – whether that means trying to gain weight or simply increasing intake – however after awhile the same old milk+powder combination can become tedious – that’s where these delicious high-protein shake recipes come in!

With some tweaks to the ingredients, it’s easy to transform an average protein shake into an irresistibly tasty meal-replacement smoothie that’s also nutritionally dense. These recipes utilize fruits, vegetables and nuts as flavor enhancers and natural sweeteners like dates for natural sweetening purposes.

These delicious protein-rich shakes make an ideal breakfast or post-workout recovery drink, thanks to their simple recipe and customization capabilities. Simply combine your preferred protein powder, yogurt, berries, nut butter or seeds.

Bananas are an essential component of most protein shakes, providing sweetness, creaminess, natural fiber content and potassium and magnesium rich nutrition to rehydrate post exercise bodies.

Add an extra boost of energy with a scoop of whey protein powder and some peanut butter, along with some oatmeal for extra satiation. It will leave your shake velvety smooth while helping your stomach remain full for hours longer!

This post-workout protein shake is the ideal combination of creamy chocolatey drink and nutritious smoothie bowl. Packed with antioxidant-rich berries and chia seeds for antioxidant support and whey protein powder to provide energy boost during workouts, this delicious shake makes a healthy meal!

Use any type of milk, nut milk, soy milk or coconut milk in this recipe for maximum sweetness! While the shake itself will already be sweetened naturally, feel free to add an additional dose of honey, maple syrup, agave nectar or stevia for even more sweetness!

This sweet dessert-inspired shake is ideal for anyone who loves the flavors of an Almond Joy bar. Crafted with slow digesting whey and casein protein blends for long-term energy production, add an extra touch of chocolatey goodness by topping off your shake with cocoa powder for an added punch of flavor!


Protein shakes rely heavily on liquid for their base ingredients, with most recipes calling for milk or another dairy-based beverage as the liquid base. Non-dairy alternatives like coconut milk provide sweet and creamy flavor while adding vital iron and fiber-rich nutrients; other such alternatives include soy milk, almond milk and rice milk.

Add more texture and taste to your shake with nut butter as an ingredient! Nut butters contain high levels of protein while also adding an appealing nutty aroma, but remember they contain many calories so be mindful when choosing how much nut butter to include.

As one way of increasing the nutritional value of a protein shake, add fruits or vegetables such as frozen berries and bananas – both delicious choices that work great with any recipe – or some ice cubes for additional cooling and texture in any beverage recipe.

When creating a protein shake, it’s best to start with the basic ingredients and add any desired flavor enhancers – for instance stevia drops or pitted dates can add sweetness without increasing caloric intake.

Once you’ve assembled all your ingredients for a protein smoothie, combine everything in your KitchenAid(r) blender until smooth. A good ratio for liquid to ice is 1 cup of liquid to about 3 cups of ice; but feel free to experiment until you find what suits you best! If the shake is too thick for your liking, more milk or ice may need to be added, and don’t forget garnishing your shake with fruit slices and nuts for an appealing visual appearance and taste!

protein shake

Nut Butter

Protein shakes are an easy and straightforward way to meet your daily protein requirements, helping strengthen after exercise and boost recovery. But their flavor may sometimes leave much to be desired – especially if made solely with water and powder combination. But don’t despair: adding flavor and nutrition can easily be achieved using some simple hacks!

Add texture and flavor to your protein shakes by including some nut butter or other nutty ingredient like peanut butter in your smoothies, along with providing heart-healthy fats and other vital nutrients. Peanut butter provides plenty of muscle-building protein; plant-based options like PB2 offer all the delicious creamy taste of classic PB&J sandwiches without the additional sugars.

Try adding frozen fruit such as frozen berries or bananas to thicken up your protein shakes for breakfast or an afternoon snack, such as breakfast. If sweet fruit isn’t your thing, natural juice or strong-flavored liquid could also work just as well. Or experiment with adding ingredients such as avocado or frozen cauliflower rice as ways of creating smoother textures while providing extra fiber, vitamin C and healthy fats in one go!

Another alternative is combining protein powder with different types of milk for more robust shakes that mask their unappetizing flavors. Try non-dairy alternatives such as almond or coconut milk as additional sources of flavorful base.

Finally, your shakes can also benefit from additional secondary ingredients, like chia seeds or oatmeal. These add fiber, vitamins and minerals while thickening up your texture – you may even experiment with various ratios between primary and secondary ingredients until you find one you prefer!


Protein shakes can be an ideal post-workout recovery drink, convenient breakfast on-the-go or tasty dessert option. By mixing milk or other liquid with fruits, vegetables and nuts – among others – into an invigorating blend, protein shakes provide you with all of these benefits and will help you meet your fitness goals faster than ever!

To create the ideal protein shake, it’s key to add just the right amount of liquid. Too much will dilute its texture and result in a runny beverage; adding too little will leave your shake too thin to provide adequate amounts of protein.

Start off small and increase the liquid as necessary, or experiment with different kinds of liquid to see which works best. Some find coconut water particularly effective at creating thick, delicious shakes – its low fat content and abundance of antioxidants will help you meet your health goals more effectively!

Add extra texture and delicious flavors to your protein shakes by including low-fat or non-dairy ice cream in them – but beware if using regular dairy ice cream as this could create a smoothie high in calories and fat!

Addition of oatmeal can thicken a protein shake while providing added fiber and carbohydrates, so if oats don’t do it for you try millet (ragi) or flax seed instead.

If you want to thicken up your protein shakes even more, try adding a few tablespoons of double cream. This will add delicious flavor while thickening it up, though be wary not to go overboard as too much may contain too many calories and fat.

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