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egg drop soup

How to Make Egg Drop Soup

Making delicious egg drop soup takes just 30 minutes with simple pantry items! Plus it is keto friendly!

Add chicken broth, ginger, scallion whites and salt to a pot, whisking in cornstarch slurry until smooth. Bring to a boil before slowly drizzle egg whites into boiling broth in a spiraling motion for silky egg ribbons.

Let’s find out how to make egg drop soup!


Egg drop soup requires four main components: broth, cornstarch, eggs and seasonings. You can either make your own broth from scratch or purchase store bought varieties; whether chicken or beef broth works just as well. Starch is used to thicken the base and give an attractive silky mouthfeel and help the tiny egg “ribbons” stay afloat in the broth – though you could opt out if desired for thinner broth; I find its subtle flavor very enjoyable by most people!

Soup can be made even more satisfying when served with spices like ginger, garlic salt, white pepper and sesame oil – readily available at most supermarkets – that add a subtle yet delicious flavor to make for an irresistibly flavorful broth. Incorporating beaten eggs directly into hot broth creates instantaneously tender wispy egg “noodles.”

This vegetarian egg drop soup recipe makes an easy appetizer or light supper option with its easy preparation and gluten-free status (the only ingredient with gluten content being soy sauce – which can easily be swapped out with gluten-free alternatives such as tamari). Serve plain, or garnish it with green onions to make for an impressive presentation!

If you plan to serve this soup as an entree, it will need to be reheated; therefore it’s best to serve it immediately once finished cooking. As it doesn’t keep well, only make enough to be eaten right away. When rewarming it be careful not to overcook the egg – pour it in when broth is at a bare simmer and stir gently into ribbons rather than chunky scrambled egg! Additionally it tastes wonderful with chopped scalions sprinkled on top for garnish if serving at a party – prepare ahead and keep warm using microwave.

How to Make Egg Drop Soup Using The Right Steps

Egg drop soup is an effortless, fast and satisfying Chinese dish that makes an excellent starter or appetizer, as well as being filling enough for lunch or dinner. Egg drop soup pairs perfectly with other takeout favorites like chicken stir fry, moo shu pork or honey walnut shrimp for takeout meals. To make it healthier add vegetables like shiitake mushrooms or tofu cubes as well as using higher quality broth with reduced sodium and fat content – and for vegetarians simply replace the traditional chicken stock with vegetable-based stock for even greater nutrition!

To create this delectable soup, you will require:

First, heat your chicken broth with salt, ground white pepper and toasted sesame oil until the broth reaches a bare simmer before taking the next step. If you wish to achieve the bright yellow hue found in many restaurant versions of this soup dish, add one teaspoon of turmeric powder while heating up the broth.

Whisk eggs lightly, and slowly drizzle them into your boiling broth. Do this carefully as too much egg will form clumps; for best results use a jag with a pouring spout for this process. Furthermore, excessive cornstarch slurry could make your soup slimy so mix cornstarch and cold water before starting this step.

Once the eggs have been added to the broth, stir the soup with a circular motion in order to form long egg ribbons. Remove from heat and garnish with scallions prior to serving as an appetizer or starter to other dishes. This soup can also be consumed alone!

This soup is quick and simple to make, yet tastes incredible when served up with various toppings. It pairs nicely with chicken stir fry, moo shu pork, crab rangoon and more! Additionally, its high egg protein content keeps this meal filling while being low calorie-burning! Doubling up this recipe is no problem and still leaves plenty left over if necessary!

how to make egg drop soup


Egg drop soup is an easy and quick dish that can be created quickly in just minutes, offering a light yet refreshing start to any meal. Pair it with moo shun pork, which features bolder flavors than its counterpart in order to balance its lightness. All that is required for its creation are some basic ingredients: chicken broth, soy sauce/tamari (a Japanese equivalent of Chinese soy sauce), green onions sliced thin, egg whites and crushed ginger – plus just five key ingredients such as water for boiling the broth!

An important step to learn how to make egg drop soup is using only high-grade ingredients, such as chicken broth with reduced sodium content and richer flavors than store-bought varieties, fresh eggs that contribute to its texture, and cornstarch that dissolves fully without creating lumps in the soup.

Once you’ve gathered your ingredients, it’s time to begin cooking! First, bring chicken broth to a low simmer and season to your liking with soy sauce, tamari, ground ginger and garlic powder. Next, whisk cornstarch with half a cup of chicken broth into a slurry, slowly adding it back into hot broth while continuously stirring to avoid any clumps forming.

As soon as your cornstarch slurry thickens, slowly stir in beaten eggs until all have been added and remove from heat before serving with chopped scallions for garnish. Enjoy!

Egg drop soup pairs beautifully with Asian-style vegetables; however, for something light yet full of nutrients a crisp vegetable salad is the ideal side dish.

Fried rice can easily be made at home in your kitchen and pairs perfectly with egg drop soup due to its similar light, subtle flavors.

Serve egg drop soup as part of a heartier dinner when dining on Chinese takeout favorites. Many restaurants provide combination platters that feature egg drop soup, moo shu pork and chow mein/fried rice dishes; it’s an easy and quick solution for busy families or those on a tight budget!


Egg drop soup can make for an incredibly filling meal in itself, yet also pairs beautifully with many other foods, including baked rice or sweet potato. Furthermore, this simple soup makes an excellent appetizer before more substantial main courses; its protein-packed formula helps ease stomachs before heavier and fattier options.

Preparing the broth is key in this recipe, so the first step should be whisking together chicken stock, scallions, mushrooms, soy sauce, sesame oil, salt, ground ginger, garlic powder sugar and white pepper until simmering on medium-high heat. After which add yellow food coloring as desired before tasting and adjusting seasoning as necessary.

As your broth simmers, combine some of it with cornstarch to form a slurry. This will thicken your soup; once completed, slowly drizzle this into your broth to begin seeing egg ribbons appear!

Be mindful not to pour too rapidly or the egg ribbons will be too small. Pour in a circular motion for maximum impact; once all eggs have been added, take care to turn off heat before serving your soup!

Serve this soup the easiest and tastiest way by garnishing with finely chopped scallions – a classic garnish for Chinese cuisine in general – but for something different try other vegetables, such as green beans or peas, bean sprouts or shrimp pieces as an addition.

Egg drop soup is an easy, healthy, high-protein recipe that can be completed in less than 20 minutes, making it the ideal solution for quick lunch or dinner on cool days. Now when you know how to make egg drop soup enjoy it alone or pair it with food such as rice noodles fried vegetables meat such as chicken or beef for maximum nutrition and enjoyment! Additionally, any leftovers should be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator and consumed within two to three days for optimal results.

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