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How to Make a Guy Fall in Love With You

Men appreciate when women provide them with more than superficial support, such as by commending their achievements or simply acknowledging they’re doing an exceptional job in their work environment.

Girls may not have control over how a guy feels, but they can certainly attract his interest and make him interested. This article offers several strategies to do just that.

Let’s dive into how to make a guy fall in love with you!

Make Him Feel Needed

Men love feeling needed and like they have made an impactful contribution; it is part of their hero instinct and belief they are providing for those they care for. When they know someone needs them, they will do all they can to make them happy; so, if you want him to love you back more quickly than before, try telling him just how much his presence makes you smile (it should only take seconds!). If that fails then try telling him exactly why it makes you tick; telling him just how much happiness he brings will surely work wonders!

Show him you value his opinion by seeking his advice in certain situations and showing that you respect his views. Also show independence by spending time with your friends without him present – this will give the impression that you’re an enjoyable woman whom he wants to spend more time with!

Make him feel needed by complimenting him on his masculinity – be it muscles or actions. Men love it when their masculinity is appreciated; this will only further endear them to you.

Stay patient and kind towards him, being careful not to rush things or be rude as this will only give the impression that you’re desperate and dishonest – something which would go against what you want him to believe about yourself.

Make Him Feel Special

Men like feeling needed, yet special at the same time. One way you can show him you value him and cherish him is by showing how you appreciate and cherish him, such as focusing on your appearance, taking care of yourself, wearing his favorite scent or calling or texting him throughout the day to let him know you think about him or just randomly telling him how much you miss and love them.

Emphasize his strengths and accomplishments to make him feel special. For example, if he has an amazing sense of humor, laugh along when he tells jokes and tell him you appreciate his wit – this will show that he is important to you while showing him that you wish him success in his life.

At last, you can make him feel special by reminding him how distinct he is from others. Discuss your hobbies and interests together so he can see that you too have unique qualities which will help strengthen his sense of connection to you – ultimately leading him closer to falling for you!

As with many women, when it comes to romantic relationships, you may have some preconceptions of what one should look like. Perhaps you imagine a situation in which two people fall instantly in love and spend days cuddling and kissing each other. Unfortunately, real life can sometimes differ greatly from fictional depictions; making a guy fall for you may require more effort than expected!

How to Make a Guy Fall in Love With You


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Make Him Feel Appreciated

Men need to feel appreciated as individuals, and when this occurs it shows how special and invaluable they are in your eyes.

Start small – from spontaneous hugs to taking him out for his favorite meal – but show your appreciation in some small way and it will make him feel special and that someone cares. He’ll appreciate being shown such kindness! He’ll feel more secure knowing he has someone in his corner!

One way you can show him your appreciation is by listening attentively when he talks. 60-88% of communication takes place nonverbally, so pay attention to his eyes and body language for clues as to what he may be communicating through nonverbal cues such as eye movement. He’ll appreciate being treated as an equal partner in discussions that value both his opinions and expertise.

To show that you care and value him as an individual, try cooking or buying him tickets to his favorite movie. When he sees that you appreciate who he is as an individual, he’ll feel valued as well as more connected with who you are as a partner in life.

I have witnessed several women relationship coaching clients who, in an attempt to impress their mate, gave up hobbies and social events for him in their first serious relationships. Although you don’t need to give everything up just because he’s your significant other, keep in mind that he shouldn’t become your priority and treat him accordingly.

Make him realize how much you appreciate and value his time by not complaining about work, chores or any other topic – this can be draining for him and it should be avoided at all costs! Instead, talk about things you enjoy together or plan fun activities – such as taking him to his favorite restaurant, buying tickets to his sporting event of choosing or sending love notes are great ways of showing you care for him!

Make Him Feel Safe

A relationship should make you feel safe emotionally, spiritually and physically. He should open up to you his world and share secrets about himself he would normally keep to himself – this process may take weeks or months but when he does it creates an intimate emotional bond that keeps both parties safe together.

Men can often feel threatened when showing their true selves for fear of judgment or rejection. Their natural instinct is to protect themselves, keeping other at a distance until they know them better; but when they meet someone they feel is special to them they often start opening up more slowly, so take it slow to allow him time to get to know you both better.

As much as it may hurt you, let him be himself around his friends without pressuring him into spending all his time with you. He needs his own life outside of you and will appreciate if you respect his boundaries.

Let him occasionally touch you. This doesn’t need to be anything intimate (a little flirting is never amiss!), but even small touches like gently touching his shoulder when joking with you or placing a hand on his arm when talking will increase his attraction to you and remind him about you all the time. These subtle reminders of you when out and about will keep him thinking about you often!

Make Him Feel Attractive

Men tend to gravitate toward women who remind them of themselves, whether genetic, social, or deeper connections. Therefore, it’s essential that you emphasize and compliment his similarities with you when possible; depending on his personality this could include sharing similar music tastes, fashion preferences or interests as well as physical similarities (though take care not to overdo this one!).

As you spend time together, make an effort to care for your appearance. Showing him that you value their relationship by looking your best! Consider investing in quality clothes and makeup products or purchasing perfume. Adding romantic elements such as candles or body lotions may create the right atmosphere.

Keep a polite and respectful demeanor around him even if you disagree with his viewpoints, this will show kindness and generosity – qualities which men find attractive. Additionally, avoid complaining about him or other people; doing so will only bore and turn off your partner.

Finally, don’t reveal your love too early. Letting him know you love them from the get-go will only complicate matters and lead them away from you more easily. Furthermore, do not use “girlfriend” until he calls himself by that name first – otherwise he might feel pressured into calling themselves it and it could signal to him that the relationship is too casual to pursue further.

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