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glitter glue craft

How to Make a Glitter Glue Craft

Glitter adds a playful glint and shine to crafting projects, and can easily be made at home for use on various tasks or as gifts for kids! It even makes an ideal stocking stuffer!

Start by cleaning out and filling a glass jar with hot water. Next, stir in any desired food coloring if desired.

Let’s find out how to make a glitter glue craft!


Add glitter to paper crafts for added visual appeal, but be mindful that not all glitter is created equal – some glitter is composed of plastic which poses environmental concerns when released into water systems, where planktonic feed on it before reaching our plates as food. To avoid this scenario, try salt glitter which is biodegradable and eco-friendly – simply combine some salt with food coloring drops then bake on a baking sheet until done (about 10 minutes), cool it off before storing in an airtight container until you’re ready to use it next.

Homemade salt glitter is not only eco-friendly and more cost effective than traditional glitter, but can also serve multiple functions. From using it as an ephemera/sequin replacement, to fabric applications for an eye-catching sparkle effect. When making cards with homemade glitter embellished with homemade decoupage medium (to prevent its glitter from shedding before dry), homemade glitter glitter makes an eco-friendly statement!

This project makes use of household items such as table salt, food coloring, aluminum foil and cookie sheet. Kids will love engaging in creative and fun activities while seeing their masterpieces sparkle on cards they create themselves! Plus any unused glitter can be stored away in a shaker for future use!

Children can enjoy crafting at home safely with adult supervision; it’s recommended to avoid sharp scissors and the oven, work away from doors and windows so as to not spread glitter all around, work on clean surfaces protected with newspaper or old towels, work near a trashcan or paper plate to collect any extra glitter, etc.

Food Coloring

If you want a sparklier form of glitter than what’s readily available at stores, try creating it at home using food coloring and baking sugar with food color in the oven – this method yields edible glitter with brighter shimmer that’s ideal for drinks, cakes, cookies and baked goods! Additionally, kids can easily do it themselves; all it requires are three ingredients!

Food coloring can also be used to create edible glitter for crafts like scrapbooking and card making, with children enjoying watching it shine on their projects. Add it to glue for extra shine on paper surfaces!

For edible glitter, the most commonly-used recipe involves mixing granulated sugar with food coloring in a small jar; powdered or regular sugar may also work, while brown sugar has adverse effects. Once mixed with liquid food color and spread on cookie sheet for baking time (10-12 minutes) then store once cool into plastic or glass container or baggie for future use.

Gelatin powder mixed with water is another way to create edible glitter, though unflavored gelatin powder should be preferred as any flavor could interfere with dye and reduce sparkle. Once mixed, leave to dry before using for various projects!

Add extra sparkle to your edible glitter by mixing in some luster dust or airbrush food coloring – this will give it an elegant pearl sheen! Plus, non-toxic glitter doesn’t need to be stored away in a sealed container but should remain away from water and sunlight.

How to Make a Glitter Glue Craft


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As a quick and engaging way of helping children relax, using glitter as an activity to help calm them is a simple yet fun activity. Kids can shake the bottle vigorously to see the glitter fall, offering them a sense of control. This technique is particularly helpful when dealing with overexcited or rowdy children; additionally, using eco-friendly glitter prevents harming either animals or the environment.

To create a glitter calm jar, first fill a small jar with distilled water. For added fun, adding food color will help the glitter float more effectively. Next, sprinkle glitter throughout – try selecting both fine and chunky varieties – then shake the jar periodically when adding more to avoid it from clumping together. When your jar is filled up seal it securely using glue before decorating with ribbon or stickers for even more added decoration!

Add other exciting items to your glitter sensory bottle, such as sand, seashells, sequins or small beads; use light-colored items that float well for best results; you could even sprinkle confetti or shred paper into it! After adding these extra treats, screw on the lid and give a good shake so all ingredients are mixed evenly before glueing it shut and setting it aside to dry for some time before adding more glitter!

Once it’s assembled, your bottle is ready for use. When your child feels overwhelmed or distressed, instruct them to shake the bottle while breathing deeply to relax and reduce stress levels. They may use it as a visual reminder for strategies like deep breathing or counting; making this an engaging activity for young kids as well as adults alike!

Those seeking eco-friendly glitter should search for products with independent certification of freshwater biodegradation – this will ensure it won’t end up polluting ocean waters over time. In addition, selecting plastic-free, biodegradable alternatives should also be prioritised.


Glitter glue crafts are great activities to do both indoors and outdoors with adults and kids alike, yet some important considerations must be made before beginning this type of craft project. First, select an appropriate glue. Some glues bleed into glitter, so clear glue should be chosen to ensure all glitter remains visible in your finished project.

Glue comes in various varieties and prices, but for glitter projects the ideal adhesive should be one that is washable and will dry flexible – this allows the glitter to stretch with fabric as you work on it. Tulip, Aleene’s OK to Wash Glue and Aleene’s Flexible Stretchable Glue are three popular options that work well and can all be found at most craft stores.

Make your own glitter glue at home using a regular glue bottle by mixing in some extra fine glitter; extra fine glitter is less likely to clog up the bottle than coarser varieties and food color can also add color!

Once your glitter glue is ready, store it in a bottle with a tip for easy application. Allowing 30-24 hours for it to completely dry depending on ambient temperature and amount of glitter used (you could speed this process up by blowing with a hair dryer), but for faster drying results try blowing over with hairdryer instead.

Glitter glue can be an amazing art tool for children, but it can be messy. To prevent accidents from occurring and reduce spillage and glitter messiness, teach children how to be careful when handling glitter glue. Also consider setting up an art station with tablecloth or newspaper as this will prevent spills and spillages while keeping an eye on children to minimize the chance of serious injuries from using glitter glue.

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