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How to Make a Girl Miss You

If you want her to miss you, give her space and don’t stay in contact all the time. This could include not calling or texting her as much.

One fun way to make her miss you is to write her a letter – this romantic gesture will make her feel extra special and will show her just how much you care!

Let’s find out how to make a girl miss you!

Be a Good Friend

A true friend is someone who looks out for and supports their friends during difficult times, supports their interests and respects their independence – these characteristics help her form emotional connections with you more easily, and will cause her to miss you when she is absent.

Behaving as an attentive friend will demonstrate to her your caring nature and make it easier for her to form strong feelings for you. Take the time to listen to her concerns, support her passions and show interest in her life outside your relationship. Make her feel extra special with thoughtful gifts that demonstrate just how much you care – these don’t need to be extravagant items but should reflect her interests and be selected carefully or created yourself!

One effective way of showing her you are a good friend is by spending quality time just with her without asking anything of her in return. This will allow her to think freely about you and your feelings for her without being distracted by outside sources; perhaps cooking her a delicious meal, taking her on an exciting outing, or singing to her will create memories she misses when you are not around! This way she may miss you more when you aren’t around!

Playing hard to get is one way of making her miss you, but it is equally important that when you are with her you treat her like royalty. Tell her she’s beautiful, give compliments, and make her feel special. Additionally, surprise her with romantic gestures like playing her a love song, writing her a letter, or framing an old picture together!

Be careful not to overdo these romantic gestures as this could backfire and make her angry. Additionally, be sure to give yourself time and allow her space so she can miss you without feeling trapped by you.

Give Her Space

No matter the length or depth of your relationship, it’s essential that she have her space. Being too close could lead her to feel trapped by your presence; when this occurs she may request time alone in order to gather her thoughts and emotions – don’t take this personally; she may just need time alone in order to evaluate whether the relationship still fits for her.

Be mindful that how you treat her during this period will have an effect on how much she misses you; so ensure she’s treated like the unique individual she is while you are apart. Simple strategies could include making frequent phone calls or texting her when she’s winding down from a busy day at work instead.

One thing you can do for your partner is encourage her in her pursuit of her personal and career goals and personal development. Doing this shows your investment in their happiness and will demonstrate that you’re committed to seeing her flourish in her life, even when the two of you aren’t together.

Avoid speaking too much about yourself in her presence; this could come across as arrogant or self-absorbed. Instead, demonstrate that you care by asking her about her hobbies and passions – this will show that you care and make her miss you more than if all talk were focused around yourself!

When she does have some alone time, make sure you leave behind something to remind her of you – whether that be a small present, song from your phone or picture from one of your dates – something that will ensure she keeps you in her thoughts and keeps the relationship growing and evolving. This way you can ensure both parties continue their relationship development together.

Try to spend at least one or two days apart every week, even if she does not seem to need it. This will enable her to realize she misses you more deeply, helping to strengthen and appreciate your relationship.

How to Make a Girl Miss You


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Fill Her Lie

Once she trusts you again, she’ll need reassurance that you have her best interests at heart and are there for her when needed. This doesn’t mean being overbearing; just try being reliable again by keeping to promises made. If you promised to watch basketball games for her then make sure that when she needs you there.

Be yourself again; don’t try to change yourself just so she will like you again. If she notices you acting differently than normal, she is less likely to trust you again in the future.

Be mysterious and make her wonder what’s up, but don’t go overboard. While it might be tempting to post photos of you and your friends out partying or doing something exciting, these will only turn her off; she needs to see the real you again; not someone trying to win her over with new material. Show her some aspects that define who you are so that she’ll likely fall for you again.

Avoid Contact

Making someone miss you takes hard work and dedication, but with some dedication and effort it can happen quickly. From early dating through to long term relationships, finding ways to remind her she misses you can only strengthen your bond between the two of you.

While it’s nice to keep her informed and demonstrate your care, overeager communication may cause her discomfort. She likely prefers not being called or texted at odd hours or multiple times throughout the day and should limit herself to receiving only meaningful communications from you.

Be careful that you do not follow her around or stalk her social media, as this could make her feel like you are needy and she may become disengaged with the relationship.

If you find yourself yearning for her presence, try engaging in other activities – whether that means going for a short walk or attending the movies – as taking time apart can allow your partner to focus on other matters while giving her time to miss you.

When speaking to her, keep the dialogue lighthearted and entertaining. This will show that you still have an interest in making things fun while at the same time reminding her about all of the positive aspects of your relationship. Also be patient while speaking to her; being patient shows respect for her boundaries and feelings while showing that you’re willing to step away if needed – both essential qualities for any long-term partnership! Finally, allow time for her to miss you by being there when needed; she may miss you more than you know.

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