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How to Make a Game Pass on Roblox

Roblox game passes are an effective way of monetising your experience while providing access to additional materials or perks.

Robux, the virtual currency available on the platform, can be used to purchase passes that help players progress faster or offer them permanent perks throughout their experience.

Let’s dive into how to make a game pass on Roblox!

Create a Pass

Game passes can add extra financial gain to your experience on Roblox, by offering users exclusive privileges such as access to exclusive levels or items within your game. They are an effective way to promote and grow your experience! To create one, open your experience and click “Add Pass”. This will bring up a game pass creation page where you can submit information and upload images before clicking “Preview and then Verify Upload.” Once this process has completed, your pass can start making you money!

Create A Game Pass On Roblox

Making a game pass on Roblox is a straightforward process. First, choose an existing published game from the drop-down menu; select Create Game Pass from that drop-down list; create your pass; choose an icon for it (which will appear visible to other players); name and describe your pass before clicking “Preview and Verify upload.” Once complete, click “Verify upload.”

If your preview meets with your approval, simply click “Publish.” Your game pass will then become available for sale in the Roblox Marketplace and can also be shared across social media, blogs and community groups as a marketing tactic.

Once your game pass has been published, you can also add additional content – from in-game avatar items to permanent power ups – by dragging and dropping assets onto its creation page.

After adding all necessary assets, it’s time to test your game pass. Doing this ensures it works correctly – simply open and log into Roblox on mobile device to test, tapping the two A’s beside Roblox website to switch into desktop mode, playing your game and seeing if pass works as intended.

Upload an Image

Gamepasses are an excellent way to monetize an experience, providing players with special privileges related to what they’re experiencing in-game, from free access to restricted areas or being able to use avatar items within an experience, to permanent power ups inside an experience. To create one is an easy process requiring just a few clicks: just press “create a pass” button on your creation’s page, name/description for your pass, select an icon for it before pressing preview for final confirmation before hitting “verify Upload”.

Next, create an original pass icon of 512×512 pixels in any of these formats:.jpg,.gif,.png or tga. Once completed, set your gamepass’ price by returning to your creation’s page and selecting “create a pass anew”.

Once your gamepass has been created, the next step should be incorporating it into the Pls Donate experience. To do this, click the gear icon on its page and choose “configure”, followed by clicking the “Item for Sale” toggle in Sales > Item Sales. Finally click “Save” to complete and save your item!

Once you’ve added the pass to your Pls Donate experience, you can begin accepting payments. To do this, click on the “money” icon in the top-right corner and open the money screen; here, click on “add payment.”

After adding payments, it’s time to assess how much money you have earned. To do so, navigate to the money screen and click “Revenue”, which will display a list of all earnings from games created or modified on My Creations and Games pages.

How to Make a Game Pass on Roblox


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Set a Price

Game passes can be an excellent way to monetize an experience and give players something special in-game, from special access to restricted areas or avatar items to permanent power ups. They are one-time purchases that continue their effect even after players leave and rejoin an experience.

Create a game pass easily from any browser on any computer or mobile device with just three things – an image measuring 512×512, its name, benefits, price point and upload file onto Roblox profile to set price for it – you could also share your pass on social media for added exposure!

Once your game pass is ready, add it to the Pls Donate Roblox experience by selecting it using “Select File.” When your Game Pass image has been located and chosen, click on “Preview” to ensure upload is done properly before clicking “Verify Upload” for final confirmation.

Once your game pass has been added to Pls Donate Roblox, you can begin adding assets – in-game goods and skills or anything else you wish to offer buyers of game passes – before clicking “Save” to save and save your pass for use within Roblox games and potentially getting donations from other Roblox players! Once saved, use it in-game while taking donations from fellow Robloxers!


Game passes can be an excellent way to generate income from your experiences. They allow your audience to purchase exclusive privileges within your experience such as access to VIP areas, extra avatar items or permanent power-ups – increasing player engagement while adding more value. Game passes can be purchased using Robux currency from popular online building and gaming platforms like Roblox.

To create a game pass, first publish your experience. Next, head to the creator’s page and click “Create Game Pass”. Next step is selecting an icon for the pass – make sure it stands out and is easily identifiable – followed by setting price/naming your pass before clicking “Preview and Verify Upload” and complete this step of the process.

After creating a game pass, it’s crucial to promote it so gamers are aware of its availability. This can be accomplished through social media channels or game forums; YouTube videos showcasing it may also prove effective. Furthermore, monitoring its performance once published is paramount; if its results fall below expectations consider either lowering its price or offering more bonuses.

Roblox is an online gaming and building platform that enables its users to design their own games. While not as widely-used as major consoles, it still provides users with plenty of freedom and creativity when creating their games – not to mention plenty of user-generated content to choose from! Roblox can be great way for gamers of all ages and skill sets to connect and meet others who share similar interests! It can even help users meet potential friends.

Roblox game pass creation is an easy process. Simply login and head towards the top of the page; select “Create”, choose an icon from their selection and give it its own description before uploading and setting a price in Robux for it. Once satisfied with your preview, hit “Verify Upload” to complete your game pass creation!

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