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How to Make a Folder on a Mac

Folders can help keep files organized on a computer, making searching and retrieving them quicker.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at different methods for creating folders on a Mac computer and cover shortcuts to make the process quicker.

Let’s find out how to make a folder on a Mac with our guide!


Folders are an essential tool for organizing files on a Mac computer, helping keep your desktop clear of clutter while making finding files easy when working on projects. Folders also enable you to move them between locations on the computer if need be – but before beginning to use folders for file organization it is essential that you understand their function on this platform.

To quickly create folders on a mac, the Finder is your go-to solution. This program makes navigating and organizing the contents of your computer simpler by providing quick ways to navigate folders, files and create shortcuts quickly and access them directly without having to use the entire Finder interface. With it at hand you can make new folders easily as well as move existing ones around or create shortcuts directly into those you frequently visit without having to use Finder at all!

To create a folder on the desktop, first activate it by clicking and selecting “New Folder” from the menu. This will create an “Untitled Folder,” which will appear on your desktop. You can also choose “New Folder With Selection,” which will create and move multiple selected items all at once into their new folder.

Alternative approaches for creating folders on Mac include using Terminal’s powerful command-line program which enables you to run scripts and commands; especially useful if working with many files at once.

Finder includes numerous keyboard shortcuts that can help save you time and increase productivity, such as creating folders, moving files and launching other programs. Customize these keyboard shortcuts according to your personal needs – for instance creating one to launch Finder and another for Terminal!

File Selection

Working with numerous files can be daunting. Accidentally deleting or moving them without intending can happen, making selecting multiple files on mac difficult. There are various keyboard shortcuts you can use, or an application may help organize them more easily for you.

One of the easiest ways to select multiple files on a Mac is by pressing and holding down Cmd, creating a box you can drag over all desired files to select them, enabling you to then copy, move or delete. This technique is especially helpful if working with large numbers of files simultaneously.

You can use the keyboard shortcut Command+A to quickly select all files within a folder location, regardless of their proximity or not. Alternatively, click and drag your cursor across files individually until all are selected; or utilize menu bar options that let you quickly select multiple folders simultaneously.

Once you’ve selected multiple files, creating a new folder on either your desktop computer or Finder window is easy. Right-clicking selected items and choosing “New Folder with Selection” from the drop-down menu list works just as effectively – enter a name for it then hit Return!

Mac users looking to create folders can also utilize Terminal’s feature of creating them quickly and efficiently. Simply launch Terminal either by pressing Command+Space, or via Finder and type: mkdir new folder name> with whatever name you would like for it as the argument.

Once again, merging two folders can be achieved by selecting all files and pressing Command+M. This will create a single new folder in its place allowing you to rename as needed.

How to Make a Folder on a Mac


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Folders can help keep your Mac organized. They provide storage for text documents, spreadsheets, photos and music – as well as more complex hierarchies of files such as spreadsheets. However, it’s essential that you learn the proper way to create and utilize folders if you want your desktop space to remain organised without missing important files.

To quickly create folders on your MacBook, the easiest way is with Finder. This application presents all the content of your Mac, iCloud Drive and detected storage devices with windows and icons for you to manage your files as well as perform various tasks such as changing file display options or searching files. Furthermore, Finder lets you create new folders as well as move existing ones using its file manager feature.

Create a folder by making the desktop active and selecting File > New Folder from the menu bar. Your new folder will instantly appear on your desktop where you can begin storing files in it. Keyboard shortcuts may also work, though this method may be less efficient.

Terminal is another effective method for creating folders on your MacBook. This command-line interface (CLI) lets you manage your computer using simple commands, including creating new folders or organizing your files according to specific rules.

To use Terminal to create a folder, first open it by pressing Command + Space keys and searching “terminal”. In the results list that appears, choose Terminal from your search results and type cd path to parent folder> where parent folder> refers to where your new folder will go; finally type mkdir new folder name> with whitespace between words using slashes with spaces between.

As soon as a folder has been created, double-clicking it will reveal a drop-down menu allowing you to rename, iconize and relocate it as well as its location. By highlighting its name you can then move it easily elsewhere on your computer.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Folders are an essential tool for maintaining an organized Mac desktop, keeping files contained and accessible quickly between folders. In this article, you’ll learn two easy methods of creating new folders on a Mac as well as how to name, rename and move files quickly in or out of folders.

Your Mac offers many keyboard shortcuts for performing common tasks, like creating folders and browsing the file system. These keyboard shortcuts can save time and increase productivity by speeding up these processes; additionally, these shortcuts can provide access to other apps or websites; for instance if writing an essay or research paper these can help navigate between websites quickly or open additional apps for help; these are particularly beneficial to programmers who must regularly edit code.

To easily create a folder on a mac, right-click its Finder icon in the dock and choose “New Folder.” Alternatively, right-click any empty space on your desktop to bring up a drop-down menu with several options, including New Folder; your new folder should appear shortly afterwards on your desktop screen.

Mac users looking to create new folders quickly can utilize the command line interface (CLI). CLI provides an efficient method for doing just that as it allows you to specify both path and name for their new folder – plus it lets them organize their work more meaningfully!

As a beginner of Mac usage, it may seem intimidating to grasp all of its commands at first. Once you master the fundamentals, however, making your computer do what you need becomes much simpler – and most commands are relatively short and straightforward. Here we cover a few essential commands every Mac user should learn: these will save time and effort as well as give your machine a personalized appearance.

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