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How to Make a Blue Color in Minecraft

Blue is one of the most iconic hues used in art and often employed by painters. This soothing hue symbolizes various feelings and has been in use for centuries.

Understanding how to mix various hues of blue is an invaluable skill for painters. By mastering its various shades, it will allow you to develop better color blending abilities as well as get light and shadow effects perfectly on canvas.

Let’s find out how to make a blue color in Minecraft!


Magenta may be just what your Minecraft world needs for an extra splash of color! It is extremely straightforward and effortless to achieve this vibrant hue in multiple ways.

Begin by gathering magenta flowers found only in specific biomes. With them you can craft concrete powder, colored beds and dyed shulker boxes.

Magenta can also be used in the game to dye items like collars for your pet cats and balloons, stained glass pieces, firework star crafts and banner patterns.

One easy and straightforward way to create magenta hues is by mixing red and blue paints together – an approach recommended especially for beginners.

Once you have your colors together, mix them until you achieve an even and vibrant shade of magenta. Add white paint if necessary to brighten or darken its tone as desired.

Magenta painting follows similar processes as those for creating cyan or yellow colors, but you must use oil paints. Linseed oil is usually the go-to medium for magenta paintings; however, there are other alternatives as well.

As another option, you could also add purple pigment to red and blue paints in order to achieve a deeper shade of magenta known as quinacridone magenta – this shade leans more toward pink than red when considering its hue.

A great alternative to red or blue paint for this task, this method requires experimentation until you find the appropriate balance of hues that meets the needs of your project.

magenta paints can also be used to produce other hues, like fuchsia or lavender, adding vibrant touches to any piece of artwork or as hair dye, giving you the ability to transform your appearance without breaking the bank.

How to Make a Blue Color in Minecraft


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Cyan, one of three subtractive primary colors – yellow and magenta being the others – lies midway between blue and green and is used in various printing processes, including inkjet printers.

Cyan is a relaxing and uplifting hue, recalling crystal waters. It represents lifeliness, tranquility, youth as well as rationality and cleanliness.

Black is one of the most versatile colors to use when it comes to paints, since it can be combined with many others for different hues. Furthermore, it serves as one of three primary pigment colors in the CMYK printing process.

Cyan dye is an incredibly useful color in Minecraft and can be used to dye various items such as glass and clay blocks, armor and even sheep skins. With such versatility at your fingertips, creating many items using cyan dye should be easy!

To create cyan dye in Minecraft, the ingredients include Lapis Lazuli and Cactus Green which can be found at various mines around the world.

Once you have both ingredients, go back to your Crafting Table and use a 3×3 crafting grid to arrange them on it. Place Lapis Lazuli gemstone and Cactus Green dye in any cells that adjoin each other on this grid.

Repeat this process until you have enough of both dyes to craft an entire batch of cyan dye. With sufficient quantities in hand, these two hues can then be combined together to produce the full-bodied hue that can then be used to craft things such as beds, stained glasses and more.

Minecraft cyan dye is an exceptional and captivating hue, and can make for great gameplay fun! Unfortunately, however, finding all of its necessary ingredients may prove challenging.

As such, if you can’t source all the materials on your own for making cyan dye yourself, there are various methods in Minecraft to create it.

How to Make a Blue Color With Black Combination

Blue and black can make for a striking combination that works on all skin tones and hair colors; you just have to select the ideal shade!

Based on your hair and skin tone, achieving an all-over blue black look may not require as much effort than selecting individual hues. One popular strategy to do so is opting for an all-over option where black base combined with blue tint creates an appealing overall effect.

This look will leave your strands looking natural and fresh with just a hint of cool undertone, saving money by not purchasing dyes as frequently. Plus, this style will keep your locks looking vibrant at all times!

Dark blue black is an eye-catching way to make your locks stand out, particularly on coily or textured strands. The tones of blue bring out texture and shape of each individual strand without creating flatness or one-dimensionality in your locks.

Add other shades of blue to your dark blue black to achieve more natural and subdued contrast, for instance by mixing purple into deep black hues or adding yellow to dark blue tones so they lighten.

These ideas will surely make an impactful statement this year! Check out our gallery of the most stunning blue-black hair coloring looks, then try one yourself to see if this trend suits you!

If you want to give your dark blue black an extra bit of pop, try applying a super-dark cerulean toner. The blue tones will instantly transform it into more of an eye-catching sapphire hue.

Make your dark blue black more interesting by mixing in some white to give it a tint instead of full shade – which can look even better when mixed with other hues!

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