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How to Make a Big Bow

As part of your Christmas decor or wreath making endeavors, or when giving gifts with bows attached, a large bow adds that extra special touch to any experience.

Make a large bow quickly using the same steps for creating smaller ones – just ensure your ribbon spool is long enough so your bow has multiple loops!

Read our full guide how to make a big bow!

Size of The Big Bow

Making a large bow may seem daunting at first, but following some simple steps will allow you to craft an eye-catching design.

Initial steps when creating a bow involve determining its size, as this will dictate which ribbon length and number of loops need to be created.

If you want to create a bow that measures 24 inches in length, unroll a 12-inch ribbon from its spool before marking its position with chalk.

Once your bow has the proper dimensions, begin wrapping ribbon around its circle. The more times you loop it, the fuller your bow will become. If cutting, be sure to leave an inch past its center point so it doesn’t slip out later.

The width of ribbon you require is also an important consideration. While either wired edge or regular ribbon might work for your needs, wired ribbon tends to be easier due to not drooping under pressure.

After making your first set of loops, take the second half of your ribbon and notch it at both ends so it can be separated from one another. Bring both notched areas back together into the center; tie a small piece of twine or chenille stem around them to secure them together.

As long as you follow this process until you have the number of loops necessary for your bow, you will end up with an exquisite piece that fits the occasion or gift perfectly!

When selecting a bow, it’s important to take several factors into consideration, including your personal tastes, what game animals you plan to hunt and your physical limitations – such as how much time can be dedicated to practicing archery – into account. You should find something suitable to both your goals and needs while remaining comfortable to draw and shoot with.

How to Make a Big Bow


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How to Make a Big Bow With The Right Materials

If you want to create a large bow, there are a few materials and supplies you’ll need – these can be found either at a craft store or online.

At first, it’s essential that you select an appropriate ribbon type for your project. There are numerous choices, from satin to plaid; wired ribbon is often best as it holds its shape better when creating bows. Plus, its easier manipulation means it will help make bows faster!

Once you have selected a ribbon, it is time to coil and form loops on it. The more loops there are, the fuller your bow will appear; this step is crucial as it ensures you achieve the look that suits your desired look.

Once your loops have been created, they must be covered in fabric using either hot glue gun or some other form of adhesive – or you could also sew through them using a needle and thread.

Your bow will now be complete. Use it to embellish gifts, wreaths or clothing; use it in its natural state – on an ornament or ribbon!

Enhance the unique look of your bow by adding embellishments. Perhaps some sew-on snaps (press studs) or wired fairy lights would do.

Wrap a small piece of wire around the ribbon to secure it in place if your bow is too wide to fit on one limb. This solution works especially well when creating larger bows.

To create a larger bow, several strips of ribbon and pieces of floral wire may be required. Although this might seem excessive, this extra effort will ensure your bow appears more complete.

Once your bow is complete, use it to decorate a headband or hair clip to make it more wearable; or decorate an ornamental Christmas tree or large gift box!


A big bow adds an eye-catching finishing touch to wreaths and gift wrap, and can be easily created at home. But before beginning, it’s essential that you learn how to make one properly. Here are the techniques necessary for crafting one:

At first, you will require a spool of ribbon in the desired size of bow that you intend to create, scissors and chenille stems or wire ($6 Amazon).

Unroll the spool and loop it several times until it forms a circle, continuing this process until your bow reaches your desired diameter.

Once all the loops have been created, fluff the bow with wire ribbon to shape into an attractive bow shape. Pull one loop out from one side before repeating this process on both sides for every pullout.

After you’ve tied a bow, secure its notched area by tying a chenille stem or wire around it, then refold your ribbon circle until both notched areas meet in the middle again.

To give your bow an added finishing touch, consider cutting its ribbon tails at angles or notches to complete its look. Or fold them length-wise and width-wise into half for an eye-catching chevron pattern!

This zigzag pattern gives your bow an elegant aesthetic and helps hide any unevenness in fabric. Furthermore, use double-sided tape to secure it to your project.

No matter the technique you employ, keep in mind that large bows require more material than smaller ones; two spools of ribbon may be needed per bow.

Make a Paper Flower Bow

Paper flower bows can be created from leftover pieces of wrapping paper rolled into circles or even thin strips of cardstock or other paper measuring 1/2 to 1 inch wide – it’s an effective way to reuse leftover cardstock from gift wrap projects or crafts projects!


Bows have made a comeback of sorts in recent fashion collections. Acne Studios used large bows on models at their spring 2023 show reminiscent of those seen worn by game character Marmar in Acne Studios’s spring 2023 game; also seen were Louis Vuitton’s hard-edged spring mini dress as well as Japanese label Noir Kei Ninomiya.

Fabric bows can be constructed using various materials, from fabric to ribbon. For optimal results, wide and stiff fabric should be chosen for creating an even finish with minimum creases in the bow resulting in a more durable product. To create one yourself, begin by cutting a loop out in the center of your largest piece of fabric before cutting two shorter lengths slightly shorter than this first one to be reused as the center bow pieces. Add glue as you join these together, and you are finished! Even better: create bows from scrap fabrics if possible to save both money and energy – that way allowing for unlimited creativity!

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