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How to Make a Bed Skirt

If your box spring or mattress is no longer functional, adding a fabric bed skirt can hide what lies underneath and help make your room appear much better.

Select fabric that complements your existing bedding – it doesn’t have to match exactly, but should enhance the style and ambience of the room.

Read our full guide how to make a bed skirt!

Choose Your Fabric

Bed skirts are an effective way to cover up dust bunnies under your mattress while adding a beautiful finishing touch to any bedroom decor. Available in numerous styles and price ranges, bed skirts make an excellent addition.

An important consideration when hanging your bed skirt is its length off of the floor. Hanging too short or too long could create an unattractive bulkiness that detracts from its intended flow of the room.

When choosing fabric for your mattress cover, be sure that it is strong and durable enough to withstand its weight. There are even fabrics specifically designed to resist wrinkles.

Determine the Length

Bed skirts can bring life and class to a bedroom by concealing any dusty storage boxes or clutter that may exist under your mattress. In addition, bed skirts provide an affordable way of modernizing existing bedding without buying new sheets and blankets.

If you want a bed skirt that will stand the test of time, purchasing heavy fabric in dark solid colors could be the way to go. This will help hide both your box spring and any space under your mattress as well as look great when used with different colours and styles of bedspreads.

As you determine the length of your bed skirt, start by measuring its width. Next, determine its length as well as any drops from bed base to floor for optimal results. These measurements will allow you to pinpoint your perfect bed skirt length.

How to Make a Bed Skirt

Gather the Fabric

Bed skirts provide the finishing touch to bedroom decor by covering unsightly box springs or metal bed frames and keeping dust at bay from entering under your mattress. Furthermore, they allow for discreet storage space underneath your bed.

Gathering fabric can be used for many projects, from puffy sleeves and tiered skirts to making all sorts of ruffles and frilly details for home decor projects. Its versatility means gathering can make sewing projects faster, simpler, and more cost effective!

Start by setting your sewing machine to its highest stitch length setting, and sew a continuous line from one end of fabric to the other, leaving long thread tails at either side.

Next, hold one end of the thread in your hand and gently push fabric folds along its length into folds – repeat this process until fabric has been sufficiently gathered.


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Sew the Fabric

Bed skirts are an effective way to elevate the aesthetic and create a cozy atmosphere in your bedroom, perfect for relaxation after an exhausting day. There are various styles available such as tailored, gathered or box pleated options.

As the first step of making a bed skirt, sewing fabric together should be your top priority. This can be completed either manually or using a sewing machine.

Begin by pinning one of the lengthwise skirt panel pieces to each vertical end of a widthwise panel with right sides together, right sides facing, using right stitches at a stitch length of 1/2 in (12 mm). When completed, this should create one continuous skirt panel spanning all of your bed’s circumference (excluding head end).

How to Make a Bed Skirt – Fabric Finishes

Fabric finishes are processes designed to enhance the properties of fabrics. These improvements may be temporary or permanent and include increased crease resistance, stain resistance and water-resistance; all qualities that make caring for fabric easier.

Simple edge finishes involve stitching a line parallel to the seamline of two fabric pieces and trimming away any excess seam allowance near this stitched line.

For a bed skirt that appears more finished, ironing it can help remove wrinkles and provide it with a crisp appearance. Also, regular washing ensures your bed skirt will become softer over time and remain longer-term.

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