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How to Make a 3D Star Using a Simple Template

This article will demonstrate how to make a 3d star with ease using a simple template. These stars make great crafts for kids and can serve as decorations, hangers or gift items.

Start by folding and cutting along a square sheet of paper into half and cutting along its folded lines, which will create a pentagon shape. Next, score along its pencil lines using either a bone folder or ruler and score each pencil line along its perimeter to complete it.

Folding the paper

Paper stars are an adorable and easy way to create decorative objects for crafts, decorations and gift-giving. Fabric and paper can both be used as materials in making them.

Beginning by folding your paper (or cardstock if applicable) width-wise into half and folding it again length-wise – known as a hamburger fold – will help ensure that the corners line up well.

Once folded in half and creased properly, unfold it carefully to reveal a 3d star shape! Your choice of creases will determine its final form.

As soon as your square or letter-sized paper is cut to size, mark an edge point to use as a point of reference when folding each fold you make, regardless of its size. On square paper this could mean marking 1/3 from the top edge for left side folding or marking on center left edge when letter-sized; or any other suitable location as long as this point serves as your guide when folding.

Repeat this process after each fold you make, to keep your figure centered as it evolves – this should ensure an evenly spaced star with various points.

Step Two – Fold the lower right corner over the crease made in Step 1. This will form two smaller triangles along the left edge, one above and below where your corner met its mark.

Turn the figure over, fold its lower triangle towards its center to form two smaller triangles that will each be mirrored on the right-side figure; these should form two points of your star.

Continue this pattern for all four corners, alternating between mirroring the figures on either side. When complete, your star should feature five points!

Now that you have created a pentagon, it is time to turn it into a three-dimensional star! Simply fold the strips of paper together and tuck one end through a loop, trimming as necessary so the length fits snuggly inside the loop. It will quickly and effortlessly produce three-dimensional stars!


How to Make a Beat

Cutting the paper

When creating a 3-dimensional star, cutting your paper carefully is crucial for its successful creation and the best results possible from your project. Doing this will guarantee a perfect result from this task.

One common way of cutting paper is with scissors and a ruler. This technique can be used to form various shapes, such as stars, hearts and decorative items.

Another method for cutting paper involves using a knife and cutting board, although this approach may prove more complex. But, using such methods ensures your finished item looks tidy.

This method makes using different sized paper strips much simpler, and you can even create stars of various sizes using multiple strips of paper.

Once you have decided on the size and shape of star you would like to create, the next step is cutting your paper. Depending on which kind of paper is being used for this step, this process could take just minutes or several hours to finish.

Once your cut has been made, you can begin piecing together the pieces to form your star. It may require patience but will surely pay off!

Use double-sided tape to glue the stars together for added durability and an elegant appearance. This will allow them to stand upright more securely.

Add extra pizzazz to your star by embellishing it with glitter or other decorations – perfect for personalizing it and giving any craft project that extra spark.

Stamp and decorate each point of your star before folding it for an easier 3d star assembly process later. Doing this will add an eye-catching flourish that makes putting all of the pieces together easier as well.

These charming, easy to make stars make an adorable addition to any craft project, be it making a garland or placing them inside a glass vase as decor. Quick and easy to make using any medium-weight colored paper (scrapbooking pages or magazine pages work perfectly), they’re great as gifts too and can even be decorated with glitter glue and puffy stickers for additional embellishment!

How to Make a 3D Star

Gluing the paper

The 3d star template is an engaging activity for kids to practice their creativity. Materials needed can typically be found around the home and it makes for an engaging family project – not to mention teaching your little ones how to safely use scissors!

To create this project, you’ll need a square piece of paper measuring 6 inches by 6 inches – this could be scrapbook paper, giftwrap paper, wallpaper or recycled cardstock.

Step 1: Fold a 6”x 6” paper diagonally from one side to the other in half diagonally along its length and repeat this step on both sides.

Once your paper has been folded twice, cut 3/8” to 1/2” slits into each short corner to form flaps that can be glued together into a star shape.

Apply glue or double-sided tape along the long tabs on each point piece and attach them to their mating edges as shown in the pictures. Spray adhesive also works well since it dries quickly enough to keep everything together.

If you decide to use spray adhesive, be sure to allow all of the glue to set before attaching another flap. This will help ensure you won’t need to rearrange them later when trying to line everything up properly.

Continue until you have five points; this should take just a few minutes. When this point has been completed, glue the rest of the star together and add any decorative details as desired.

As soon as your star is complete, use it to decorate windows or hang it on walls. Make multiple stars into garland or mobile designs using different colors and patterns – then hang or use as decorations!

Add glitter or stamp an image into the center of your star. For an added splash, add beads or even pom-poms for more fun effects!

How to Make a 3D Star Final Step

3D stars can add a fun flair to any room in your home, be it by hanging them from windows or placing them on tables – plus many models feature lighting effects to mimic real night-sky stars!

Make a 3D Star! A fun craft activity for children and adults alike! Not only is this easy but the result looks spectacular too. If you want to give this craft a go, use these steps below as a starting point and get going!

Before beginning, you will require a piece of square-sized paper. Whether plain or decorated with stickers and other decorations, once folded it should form into the star shape.

Once your paper has been folded, it needs to be cut into smaller pieces for assembly of a 3-D star. You can either use glue gun glue or spray adhesive as glue agents for this step.

Next, score along the lines of your star. This will make folding it much simpler. To score along these lines, use an instrument such as a blunt plastic knife or spent ballpoint pen with its edge on one line and press down gently on it before using other methods to score other lines.

Last, fold the top right corner of your paper to meet at its intersection, folding back towards itself five times until complete – that way your star will be ready to hang!

Use this star to embellish your home or as part of your Christmas decor. Thread several onto string to form a garland or place them inside glass vessels as centerpieces.

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