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fluffy hair

How to Get Fluffy Hair

Fluffy locks are an eye-catching look that work on all hair textures. To achieve fluffy locks, start with volumizing yet hydrating products for optimal results.

To achieve this look, you will require several tools including velcro rollers and a wide-tooth comb, as well as hairspray.

Let’s find out how to get fluffy hair!

Sleep with Your Hair in a Bun

Fluffy hair has become an increasingly popular trend, seen on celebrities and social media influencers alike. This style features a fuller, textured version of a classic blowout that is easily achieved at home with hot tools and key styling techniques. While maintaining such an look may require more maintenance than its sleek and smooth counterpart, its more manageability and versatility means it works for people of various hair textures – whether they have curly or straight locks! There are several methods for attaining the fluffy look.

Step one to getting beautiful fluffy locks is ensuring your strands are healthy and have enough moisture, to allow your volumizing product to hold on longer and keep looking full and lush. To achieve this goal, use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner designed specifically for your hair type.

Once your hair has been washed and conditioned, it’s important to dry it completely with a round brush and blow dryer. As you begin blow drying each section, start at the roots and work your way down towards tucking in ends; save hair around your face frame until last as this section should be dried upwards for fuller layers.

Teasing your hair can also give it more volume and body. You can do it quickly using either a hair tie or silk scrunchie and avoid products containing alcohol that dry out strands and cause frizz, as they will dry them out further and cause more frizz than necessary. Also try adding body and texture with volumizing spray.

Change the part to give your strands more fullness and volume, or seek advice from a stylist for guidance. Doing this is an easy way to take advantage of any natural volume within your hair while giving it more flattering shape.

If you want to take your fluffy hair styling one step further, try using a volumising product or adding loose curls or waves. After styling is complete, be sure to spritz a generous amount of hairspray over it to maintain bounce and minimize frizz.

Tease Your Hair

Fluffy hairstyles are versatile styles that can be achieved on almost all types of hair, the key being making sure that it’s healthy enough to support the style you desire and choosing one that compliments both your personal style and the event at which it will be worn.

To achieve fluffy hair, there is an array of styling tools and techniques you can employ. One popular technique is backcombing your locks; this gives an illusion of volume and texture to the appearance of volume and texture. However, be careful when tease too heavily as too much teasing can damage hair strands.

Utilize volumizing products such as mousse or gel to achieve fuller locks that can be controlled with hairspray mistings, while an effective hair serum will also work to eliminate frizz while adding soft shine to your locks.

Make use of volumizing shampoo and conditioner systems for best results; they will give your locks an instant lift while helping it remain in place throughout the day.

Use heated rollers on both wavy and straight hair for extra volume, adding texture and adding volume. Make sure that all the rollers have completely dried before taking them out; Velcro rollers may provide even more volume overnight!

Use a wide-toothed comb to give your locks a beachy, natural texture with this look, or tease the strands to add height. Dolly Parton used this technique in old movies as an effective way of adding structure and volume to limp or flat strands of hair, providing extra height in this way for men and women with thin or fine locks looking for some extra lift.

How to Get Fluffy Hair


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Change Your Part

If you want to give your hair an airy, fluffy appearance without resorting to extensions or expensive products, changing its part can do the trick. According to experts, switching your part when wet will give it time to set in properly; unlike undergoing drastic color or cut changes or an overhauled haircut this process is easy and relatively non-invasive.

Silvia Reis of Silvia Reis Salon advised Byrdie that side parting is usually best as it draws more attention to your eyes and face than center parts do. Reis noted this feature was more flattering for most faces than center parts because side parts draw out your features more naturally than center parts do.

One way to achieve a fuller, voluminous appearance is through teasing. To do so, part your hair to one side and use a small brush with back-brushing tips on each section one by one until all sections have been teased back-brushed for full volume at the roots and thicker appearance. If desired, additional options such as hair mousse may also be used to further enhance their appearance.

As with anything done too frequently or excessively, teasing hair can be potentially damaging. Therefore, we advise taking extra caution when using this technique and to apply heat protectant spray prior to tease sessions in order to minimize damage to strands.

If you have short hair, creating a full and fluffy style is easy! Just blow dry it upside-down while scrunching up with fingers or wide-toothed comb to give voluminous waves and avoid heat damage and prevent your locks from looking flat or limp.

Another effective strategy for creating fuller-looking shorter hair is using dry shampoo or volumizing mousse before styling it. A dry shampoo will absorb excess oil, keeping your strands looking fuller; adding volumizing mousse gives your locks extra lift and volume that makes your locks appear full of life and bounce.

Use Hot Rollers

Hot rollers are one of the easiest (and longest-lasting) ways to achieve full, voluminous locks. While it might take some practice to secure them properly, once you master this technique you’ll add major volume to your strands with just one touch!

Before using rollers, be sure to brush out your hair and apply a volumizing serum or spray to ensure they set properly. Also use a heat protectant as too much direct heat can damage strands.

Make sure that you use rollers of appropriate sizes for your desired style; using too small of rollers may result in tight, defined curls while too large could create loose waves without that familiar ’90s-style fluffiness.

To achieve optimal results, it’s important to roll your hair in accordance with the shape of your face. For instance, an oval-shaped face may benefit from using circular rollers; those with rounder faces may prefer more vertical Marilyn Monroe-esque styles by rolling their hair inward.

One key tip from Savano is to roll away from your face; this simple step can add significant volume. Furthermore, Savano states it is essential to roll under instead of over your hair to maximize volume.

Once your hair has been rolled, allow it to cool before removing the rollers. Once out, spray some light hairspray over each section for added hold throughout the day.

Fluffy locks are timeless fashion classics and always fashionable! A fluffy look is ideal when you want to feel extra glamorous without exerting too much effort in styling it, and by following these easy tips you can get your voluminous tresses looking runway-ready in no time at all! Have fun styling!

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