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How to Get Curly Hair to Stand Out

Curly hair requires special care. Kinks, coils and waves need to be nurtured with moisture-retaining products as well as heat protection products in order to shine brightly.

Refrain from brushing or combing your hair too often as this will disrupt its natural curl pattern and lead to frizz. Instead, opt for wide-tooth combs or detangling brushes, working section by section for best results.

Let’s find out how to get curly hair!


One of the easiest and most effective ways to help clump and hold its shape with curly hair is braiding. Braids offer your locks a fresh look without using heat (which may damage and cause frizz), while also offering multiple variations of classic side braids depending on season or mood.

Begin your braiding session by dampening your hair slightly – just enough water will make separating and shaping strands easier while helping your curls remain in place while working. Additionally, using dry shampoo or texture spray may add an additional grip and support as you work.

Make a classic center braid or side braid, by sectioning off hair from both the center of your head or one shoulder and picking out small sections from either the left or right side. Make sure all of the sizes of your braid sections match one another, to maintain an even pattern throughout.

Start by crossing a right side strand over your middle section, shifting it over with your left hand so it lies between index finger and thumb, and crossing over another larger piece from opposite side of head – creating a new middle section!

Repeat this process on both sides of your head, always bringing the outside strands over the middle strands and pulling the outside ones closer in towards each other. Continue until reaching the end of your hair and tie off. Add an attractive ribbon or hair clip as an embellishment for an added finishing touch!

If you’re feeling festive, braids are an easy and elegant way to express yourself and showcase your personality and style. Try adding an ornament from your favorite colors – bow or flower for feminine touches; clip plastic spider or witch hats onto the braid for Halloween-inspired styles; just be sure that whatever decoration you add complements your outfit and ensure all braids have dried completely before letting them down!

The Straw Method

The straw method is one of the best methods for creating tight curls without using heat, and transitioning natural hair in particular benefits from this technique as there’s no risk of heat-damage or breakage. All that’s necessary to use it are straws and rubber hair ties (it is wise to grab these before starting), along with water until your strands are damp, then take small sections of hair from each section and wrap it around one straw, folding over their ends over it and securing with rubber hair ties at either end until complete strand is complete strand complete.

Repeat this process on every section of hair, making sure to move your hands and fingers slightly as you wrap each strand to create an organic appearance. When finished wrapping all sections of your hair, tie off and let the straws set for at least four hours – or better still overnight – for optimal results. The longer they sit in, the tighter and stronger their coils will become.

Once it’s time to remove the straws, untie them carefully before running your fingers through each clump of coils to loosen and define them. Be careful not to pull too hard, otherwise tight curls could be lost! For added softness and healthiness, add a spritz of moisturizer before untying them if possible – or simply spritzing some before untying straws can also help maintain healthy locks!

To add texture and definition, spritz your strands with some hair mousse before taking out your straws. However, this step might not be necessary if your locks are very fine or thin.

Before taking any steps to remove the straws from your hair, ensure it has fully dried completely as any moisture remaining will cause its natural state to return.

How to Get Curly Hair

The Sleek Ponytail

A sleek ponytail is an effortless and versatile style, suitable for dressing up or down depending on the event or occasion. Additionally, this look can help people with curly locks smoothen out their locks without resorting to straightening processes like chemical relaxers. No matter whether your curls are tight, loose, or somewhere in between – understanding your hair texture and using styling products appropriately are keys to perfecting this look!

Begin by washing your hair with sulfate-free shampoo to eliminate dirt or debris and moisturizer to hydrate, then detangle any strands using a wide-toothed comb before finishing up with a nourishing serum or mask. Next, create the foundation for a sleek ponytail: choose where it will sit — whether side part, center part or zig zag — then secure any extensions you might use as part of its foundation. Sleek ponytails work best with clean, dry locks so smooth out any baby hairs or wisps before secure them into place if possible before securing.

Once you’ve established the ideal foundation for your look, add hair gel to tame any flyaways and keep your sleek ponytail secure throughout the day. Add extra shine by spraying some light hairspray. Finally, finish it off with any finishing touches such as a large twist or playful braid for the finishing touch!

A slicked back ponytail can be worn in several styles, from low and elegant to high and glamorous styles that will turn heads. This timeless look suits all occasions and can be enhanced with textures, colors, and accessories for an on-trend look that you will adore. From formal events to everyday chic style – sleek ponytails are the easy solution to creating red carpet-worthy looks you’ll adore.

The Beach Waves

Beach waves are an effortless way to add extra style and dimension to natural curly locks. To achieve this beautiful style, simply use a curling iron (preferably large barrel one) with sections being teased out before pinnable up for more volume and curl breakage. The result will be an exquisite, voluminous style which showcases blonde, platinum, or strawberry hues in all their glory!

This technique is perfect if you want to add texture and lift to a short or longer straight bob cut, by air drying your hair until damp before taking small sections and curling with an iron. Pin them up until cool before shaking them out to loosen up strands loosen out loosen and define wavy texture further. Finish it all off by misting with beach wave hair spray to hold curls in place.

Braiding your hair is another quick and simple way to create beachy waves. If you have long, straight bob hairstyle, simply part it down the center and create two regular braids on either side. For something more defined and eye-catching, consider creating French or boxer braids instead!

For a less polished, beachy effect, use your straightener to achieve beachy textures. Simply turn it on with sections bent left or right before straightening, being careful not to overdo this step as overheated locks could end up frizzy and unruly!

Heatless waves are possible with fabric hair donuts! Simply start with a high ponytail, wrap it into a top knot, use one as an elastic “belly,” and begin twisting each ponytail around it piece by piece until it reaches your fingertips the following morning when unwrapping to reveal beautiful, beachy waves!

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