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How to Get a Guy to Chase You – 3 Tips to Make Him Want You More

Attracting men can be both exciting and hard work; here are three tips to make them chase you even harder.

Don’t be afraid to play hard to get. Men love a challenge and showing that you aren’t easy can be very attractive to them. Flirting can also keep him guessing!

Let’s dive into how to get a guy to chase you!

Make Him Feel Special

Men desire being desired and are attracted to women with confidence who make them feel special and desirable. Men are drawn to women who make them laugh and make them feel good about themselves; this will only increase their attractiveness and sexiness. Confidence is something you can develop so don’t be shy to express who you really are!

When he’s around you, give him your undivided attention; just don’t allow him to dominate or talk over you. If something important comes up for you to do or say, tell him about it or find another way of making your point; doing this will make him feel special and encourage more time with you.

Do not become someone easily taken advantage of. Men lose interest in girls who surrender themselves willingly; be someone worth chasing with your own life and interests outside your relationship.

Subtle signals of your affection should do the trick; flirt nonsexually with him or coyly answer his queries without overdoing it, though make sure not to appear desperate if your overdo it; also try not revealing too many secrets too quickly!

If he asks to hang out and you decline, wait before agreeing to any alternative plans; this will cause him to consider why you declined his invite and wonder why you turned him down. Even better – try ignoring him for several days so he misses you; this way he may call or text to check on you more often!

Keep Him Guessing

Men love being challenged, and one way you can do that is by keeping him guessing. Drop hints or provide partial answers to his queries so he becomes curious and wants to learn more about you – heightening his desire for you as an object of chase!

One way you can keep him guessing is by not responding immediately to his texts or calls, leading him to think you are unavailable and giving the impression of playing hard to get. But be wary – too much hard playing may lead him away if this becomes apparent as this could make him think you don’t care about him and may put off those interested.

Women often make the mistake of thinking all men want is sexual satisfaction, when in reality there are other needs they need met as well. While many men do enjoy physical intimacy, it is also essential to remember they’re social creatures who need connections with others – this means spending time with your friends while maintaining your independence even if you have a crush on a guy!

A high quality man will understand and respect your independence. They’ll know there’s more than one man for you in life; and may pursue you more if he sees that other priorities exist in your life – but this only works if you exhibit confidence and exude self-respect; otherwise they might quickly lose interest and move on to someone else.

Make Him Want You More

Men are drawn to women who can make them want more, so making him work for your attention makes him even more desirable. A bit of reverse male psychology could go a long way towards making him want you more.

One of the biggest mistakes women make when trying to attract men is being too available. If he is constantly replying to your phone calls and texts, they may lose interest and stop pursuing you altogether. Instead, play hard-to-get by being less accessible; keep yourself busy doing other activities; this will show him you are an attractive catch and motivate him further to pursue you.

Making him jealous can also be an effective way of strengthening your bond, whether by public compliments or text messages that flirt. Or by flirting with him through body language such as batted eyelashes and light touches on his arm – even playing games such as tease him about other girls interested in you or making him aware that there may be others on your radar!

Finally, another way you can increase his desire for you is by leaving some uncertainty. By not providing complete answers or answering his queries with full disclosures about yourself and his questions about you, he’ll become curious to know more. This will pique his hero instinct and inspire him to protect and provide for you.

If you need additional advice on how to make a guy desire you more, check out this free video by James Bauer. He provides easy tricks that will turn any man into the perfect catch!

How to Get a Guy to Chase You


How to Make a Girl Miss You

Make Him Jealous

Men are susceptible to jealousy when they feel that someone is not giving them enough attention and time, which you can turn into your advantage by showing him other interests that don’t revolve around just him and you – this doesn’t mean abandoning goals or dreams but making it seem as though there’s plenty going on!

Make him want you even more by showing that you are a strong, independent woman with life outside just him. Show that you’re smart, beautiful and successful woman who knows exactly what she wants in life without fearing sacrifice – this will show him just how special and desirable you truly are – it may even inspire him to pursue you because he realizes he can’t take you for granted and must fight hard for her!

Make him jealous by flirting with other guys or being seen with other men. While this strategy is risky, if used carefully it can be effective; just ensure it remains casual and lighthearted so he doesn’t perceive you as desperate.

Another effective strategy for making him jealous is canceling plans or going silent for several days, making him wonder where you have been and spark his curiosity. Furthermore, realizing that you’re no longer available at his beck and call will cause him to doubt their hold over you; prompting him to work harder at winning you back as is typical behavior for men in relationships.

Make Him Miss You

Men around the world love women who can make them miss them. By shifting the power dynamic between you, he may develop deeper feelings for you much quicker.

Men must be reminded that they aren’t the only one interested in them, because knowing there are others means more likely commitment as it means working harder for your love and attention.

Keep him guessing by leaving certain details unstated about where and with whom you’ll be going or staying – this will keep him guessing and thinking of you often throughout his day! Playfully tease him by texting sweet messages or providing vague responses when asked questions about you!

Be confident and show him you have a healthy sense of yourself; this will show him you are an attractive woman worth his pursuit.

These are only some ways you can make him miss you and make him chase after you, but the key is focusing on yourself and being content with who you are; otherwise he may pick up on that and quickly lose interest in you. Take some time for yourself and don’t be afraid to tell him about any interests outside of him that may catch his interest if necessary.

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