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braid ponytail

How to Do a Braid Ponytail

A ponytail is the go-to look for any occasion and length, as its versatility makes it suitable for almost all lengths. Braids add texture and detail while providing you with a creative outlet to express yourself in different ways.

Slicking back a braided ponytail with styling mousse is an effortless way to reduce flyaways, as well as creating stunning Instagram images with its sleek edges and beautiful braids.

Let’s find out how to do a braid ponytail!

Faux Braid

If you love braided ponytails but lack time to cornrow or braid your hair into an initial base style, faux braiding could still give your locks that sleek, stylish look you desire. Simply start by brushing your locks into a low ponytail and secure with a hair tie; next divide your top half of hair into three equal sections; cross left section over center one before adding right section to center section three; continue adding new sections until reaching bottom of head.

Once you have created a full-looking braid, wrap and pin it in place with bobby pins so it doesn’t unravel. To take this look further, incorporate brightly-colored pieces of hair into the faux braid for added color as well as extra texture in your ponytail.

Another fun and stylish way to add some flare and femininity to your ponytail is by adding flowers or embellishments at the base of your braid. This will instantly elevate the feminine and elegant appearance, perfect for special events and even day-to-day use! This look works equally well when worn for formal events as well as casual activities at home or just to add extra shimmer!

Braided ponytails can be an effective way of showcasing your natural hair texture, particularly thick or curly locks. A ponytail with braids will bring out their volume and texture – the key being finding an arrangement that balances sleek ponytail style with your individual needs and textures.

A lace braid ponytail can create an edgy and feminine look at once, making it perfect for date nights or brunch with the girls. The unique design adds whimsy and femininity, making this style suitable for any event or celebration. To achieve this style, start with a low ponytail and use hairspray to secure your braids in place.

For an innovative twist on a classic lace braid ponytail style, check out YouTube user Chaucer. She provides instructions on how to achieve a boxy shape using four-sided fishtails in order to achieve an eye-catching, more luxurious effect. Finally, finish it off by swooping the edges for added glamor!

Waterfall Braid

A waterfall braid is an eye-catching hairstyle that adds flair and class to any ensemble. Perfect for showing off your face frame, this exquisite hairstyle works particularly well on long or medium length haircuts. Experiment with different looks like faux versions with bobby pins; or just create traditional ones! Wear this gorgeous style on casual outings or more formal events alike!

Create a waterfall braid using the right technique is straightforward, as long as you use all types of hair strands – straight, wavy or curly! Plus you can incorporate curls for added boho flair!

Start by sectioning your hair into three. Next, cross the top portion over the middle strand. Finally, pick up a section from the front and incorporate it into the crossed strands before dropping one down again and starting the waterfall effect again with crossing over the middle and picking up new sections from front for more waterfalling effect.

Once the waterfall part of your style is completed, switch over to regular braiding and continue down your hair to its end using regular plait. Secure its end using a hair tie or add extra support by using bobby pins along its backside for extra hold.

Depending on the length and texture of your curly strands, using some hairspray may help keep them under control and avoid getting tangled up during styling. A leave in conditioner could also help combat frizzing while working on them.


Beaded braids are an exciting way to elevate your look. Mix and match colors, textures, and thicknesses for an unforgettable effect and even incorporate beads that hold cultural meaning for you or your family. Beaded ponytails can add extra glitz and glamour for special events and those wanting an eye-catching ponytail. Beaded ponytails can be created using plastic craft beads or professional metal beads; just begin braiding two to three strands at a time before placing one where desired – leaving it there or continuing around it or placing one at either end or underneath its base!

This braided look is straightforward and straightforward. Simply gather all your hair into either a high or low ponytail, and start braiding it your desired style before securing with clear elastic.

Braids can help draw attention to your face by pulling back your locks into an attractive style. Try opting for a side braid with a tight ponytail for a polished appearance or add romance with loose flowing braids frosted to complete this romantic style perfect for date nights and special events.

Instead of the standard ponytail look, braids add visual interest and eye-catching texture to any style of hair. A jumbo braid adds elegance while bows or other accessories can enhance its style further.

Gigi Hadid is one of many beauty icons who has recently been rocking a side French braid ponytail look, pairing it with baby hairs to soften and control flyaway edges. An alternative way of adding dimension and drama to this timeless trend is adding bangs; this will frame your face shape perfectly!

How to Do a Braid Ponytail

Heart Braid

Add an extra special touch to your braids by creating a heart shape with them! This style can make them even more enjoyable, perfect for Valentine’s Day looks or simply adding drama. To do this, part your hair into a C shape (similar to how cornrows are typically done). Your first braid should begin from behind your head and end just below where your ears start; another piece of hair should then be added diagonally from where the first heart began, creating an even bigger and more prominent heart-shape!

As soon as your two braids are completed, tie them together with a hair elastic to complete this unique and charming hairstyle. To keep this braid looking good throughout the day, apply leave-in conditioner with heat protectant after washing your hair – this will give it an attractive sheen while protecting from breakage while wearing this style.

To keep this hairstyle looking its best, spraying with hairspray will help hold its shape and keep its heart-shape intact. Furthermore, adding some bobby pins at the base of your heart to secure its position would be wise as well as adding bows or fabric ribbons for even more girlish and adorable effect.

This heart-shaped braid is one of the easiest styles to master. Simply braid two regular three-strand braids on either side and join them at their middle points with a hair pin for a lovely and chic look that works for any event or special occasion.

If you love heart-shaped braids but would like something with more drama, try this triple hearts and criss-cross combination. Though more complex than basic heart-shaped braids, it remains easy to do and will impress both friends and family alike! Show someone special just how much you care with this incredible look.

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