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How to Make a Bouncy Egg With Vinegar

Kids love exploring eggs, and this engaging science project gives them a chance to gain knowledge about eggshells. This experiment with vinegar produces a rubbery and bouncy egg, providing children an opportunity to observe chemical reactions and osmosis that occur when an acid dissolves calcium carbonate shells. Let’s find out how to make a bouncy […]

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How to Make a Black Light

Black lights can provide a fun and practical way of lighting up your world. From helping identify counterfeit money and antiques, to authenticating them and much more besides. Make your own black light at home using only basic supplies and this DIY method. All that’s required to create your own black light is a smartphone […]

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How to Make a Career As a Rugby Player

If you love rugby and are willing to put in hard work, there are various routes into becoming a professional rugby player. One of the key aspects of rugby that should be prioritized is fitness and training, as this sport requires explosive power, strength and agility to excel at. Let’s dive into how to make […]

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